W4 (Four Bike Rack)

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Our wheel support racks are available in several configurations to fit your needs. No matter what type of bike you need to carry, our all-steel wheel support racks are designed to keep your bikes secure for trips on all types of terrain. Our racks are also compatible with Electric Bicycles (e-bikes).

The Pendle Wheel Support rack fixes securely to your tow bar via our included Universal Mounting Block

If you are looking to carry a trike, check out our Wheel Support Trike Racks.

Pendle Bike Racks - Strong. Simple. Safe.

Product Benefits

Our extra-strong design caters for a maximum total load of 70kg, making it perfect for all types of bike - especially electric ones!

Fits almost any vehicle with a tow bar and carries almost any type of bike. Your bike is securely held in place by the tyres and also lean against a vertical support. Straps secure the bike to the rack at these 3 points.

Securing your bike by the wheels in this way gives maximum protection for your paintwork.

Modular design makes it easy to strip down to component parts or leave partially assembled while not in use. Adjust to fit your trike/bike in seconds, adjusts for wheelbase, frame shape and bike widths.

Our Standard D-Loops are suitable for tyres up to 3" in width. Child Bike and 5" Fat Bike D-Loops are available (sold separately).

My vehicle has a flat back (e.g. a van) or a rear-mounted spare wheel (e.g. 4x4)

In this scenario one wheel support berth may need to be given up to allow the required clearance between the first bike and your vehicle. This reduces the capacity of your rack by one.

Will the rack work with my campervan?

Using the rack with a campervan can lead to excessive "bouncing" in the support poles. This is due to the mechanics of a larger rear overhang (e.g. the distance from the rear wheel to the rear of the vehicle). In this situation, we would recommend using our strap back kit to limit the bounce.

Our support poles are made from high-tensile steel and some bouncing is to be expected due to the nature of the product.

Technical Information 

Capacity: Four Bikes
Maximum Rack Load: 70kg
Unloaded Rack Weight: 22kg

Make sure the nose weight of your tow bar is enough to support the combined weight of your rack and load.

Fabricated from high tensile steel.

Powder coated in textured Pendle Orange.

Box contents: 

Bike Rack x 1

Universal Mounting Block x 1

Universal Light Unit x 1

Strap Kit x 1

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