Wheel Support Towbar Rack

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Keep on rolling with the Pendle Wheel Support Rack

Pendle bike racks are robust, versatile, and easy to use. Our wheel support racks are available in several configurations to fit your needs. Whether you have two bikes, four bikes, electric bicycles (e-bikes) or a tricycle, we have created all-steel support racks designed to keep your bike secure for trips on all types of terrain.

Our wheel support bike racks are great for riders of all experience. With a quick set up and easy assembly, our wheel support racks give you access to your bikes comfortably. No more need to strain muscles or reach for impossible heights.

The Pendle Wheel Support rack fixes securely to your tow bar via our included universal mounting block. Insert your choice of poles into the block and fix your components in position. 

Load up to four bikes on the rack before securing with Pendle Straps. Connect up your included LED Light Unit and away you go! Our extra-strong design caters for 25kg per bike (subject to a maximum total load of 70kg), making it perfect for e-bikes and trikes too.

Be ready for an adventure with our unique, all-steel construction. Tried, trusted, and tough, Pendle wheel support racks are your link to adventure.


Which Variant is for me?


All variants come with our universal mounting block and LED light unit included in the box. All you need to know is what you are planning to carry with your new Pendle Bike Rack:

  • For up to two bikes, the W2 is the rack for you.

  • For up to four bikes, go for the W4. Please take care with the total weight.

  • The WT is the choice for tricycle riders, carries one trike.

  • If you wish to carry one trike and one bike, go for the WT+

Do you wish to tow a trailer or caravan when your rack is loaded?

  • Choose W2 and purchase spare W2H Poles (sold separately). The extra height gives you additional clearance when cornering. The limit for the higher poles is two bikes.

Does your vehicle have a flat back (e.g. a van) or a spare wheel mounted on the rear (e.g. a Land Rover Defender)?

  • Choose W4 and sacrifice one berth to give clearance for the first bike. In this application, you would be able to carry a maximum of three bikes.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: All wheel support racks have a maximum capacity of 70kg. 

Free your bikes from the garage! Let them feel the breeze flowing through their spokes again. 

Additional Information
  • Fits almost any vehicle with a tow bar and almost any bike. The bike is held in place by both tyres and leans against a vertical support, giving a very solid and stable fitting. Straps secure the bike to the rack at these 3 points.
  • No fiddly bike clamps that could damage the paintwork or don't fit your bike. Modular design makes it easy to strip down to component parts or leave partially assembled while not in use.
  • Adjusts to fit your bike in seconds, adjusts for wheelbase, frame shape and bike widths. 
  • Bicycle wheels are supported by 3" D-Loops which can be adjusted to fit different wheel bases.  
  • Child Bike and 5" Fat Bike D-Loops are available (sold separately).
Technical Information

Load Weight: 25kg per bike
Unloaded Rack Weight: 16kg (W2), 19kg (W4), 18kg (WT), 21kg (WT+)
Universal Mounting Block: Included
Light Unit: Included
Securing Straps: Included

Important - Check your vehicle's nose weight. The combined weight of the rack and bikes must not exceed this.

Retractable Tow Bars - If using with a retractable swan neck tow bar, you may not be able to retract and stow the tow ball with the 'On the Ball' mounting block fitted. 

Light Unit - Our light unit is fitted with a 7-pin plug, but we sell adaptors for vehicles fitted with 13 pin sockets, check out our spares page.

Motorhomes – We recommend checking with the manufacturer of the tow bar on your motorhome as to the suitability for use with our universal mounting system.


Standard UK delivery for our Wheel Support range is FREE!