Bike Week Rides Into Town

Feeling the pinch at the petrol pumps is something we’re all facing right now.  The price of fuel, Britain’s current ‘cost of living’ crisis and the fact that all of a sudden everything in the supermarket costs 50p more, is causing no end of stress.

Bike Week, from 6th – 12th June, encourages communities across the UK to cycle more which is music to our ears!  At Pendle Bike Racks, we have seen the popularity of cycling soar over the pandemic and long may it reign (pun intended……it has just been Jubilee weekend!) The enduring staycation trend and welcome sunshine over the last couple of months, has seen ‘fair-weather cyclists’ boosting the numbers of people enjoying the cost and health benefits of this means of travel. After all, who needs havoc at the airports when you can choose to holiday here at home?

Chris Smith, MD of Pendle Bike Racks, says: “People can save a huge amount of money by choosing to cycle to work, go for their shopping, undertake exercise, or to visit family and friends. Their horizons have been broadened during lockdown (out of necessity from wanting to stay fit and relieve stress) and more folk now appreciate the freedom and cost benefits that cycling brings. 

“Trikes and e-bikes mean that fitness and balance issues are no longer barriers to how far you can cycle. It’s so heart-warming to hear how peoples’ lives have changed since they started to rely on cycling as a viable means of getting from A to B in all areas of their lives.

“Britain has so much to offer in terms of cycle routes and areas of natural beauty.  We predict another summer of people using their bikes to enjoy the countryside at weekends, riding on holiday and for having a greener, healthier commute to work.

“We’re lucky to have anticipated the cycling trend and to have been able to help people get more enjoyment from their bikes by taking them further afield using one of our racks. 

Thanks to #BikeIsBest for the image too!

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