Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for postage?

Our standard shipping rate depends on the weight of your order:

Up to 1kg: £6.99

Over 1kg: £11.99

If there are any exceptions to these rates we will contact you before processing the order. Examples of geographical exceptions include Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands.

Can I purchase another mounting block for a second vehicle?

Yes you can, please check out our Spares page.

How do I find out what my tow bars noseweight is?

There should be an identification plate on or near the towbar fixings of your vehicle. This will give you the weights you require.

Failing that, your vehicle handbook would have this information or you could contact your local towbar fitter.

What is the "strap back kit" for?

When fully loaded, our wheel support racks can be very heavy and our support straps are available to take some of that weight off the towbar and reduce bouncing in the poles.

What is the difference between a "Double Socket" and a "Single Socket"?

The 'Double Socket' and 'Single Socket' refers to the power sockets for caravan or trailer electrics. Due to our 'Behind the Ball' mounting block covering up electrical sockets on the tow bar we supply a bracket to hold the electrical socket off our mounting block.

Most vehicles will only have one electrical socket, so in that case one would order the single socket. In the rare case they have 2 sockets on their tow bar one would need the double socket version.

I have a swanneck / detachable tow bar, can I still tow whilst using one of your towbar carriers?

Unfortunately not, as our Universal Mounting Block would be clamped onto the ball itself.

Which mounting do I need?

We now offer a universal mounting block so our racks can be used with any type of towbar. The application of your mounting block for you depends on the type of tow bar you have and whether you wish to tow whilst having a rack in place. Your two options are:

1. Ball Mounting

Will fit: Swan neck, detachable and standard 2 bolt flange tow bars.

Our universal mounting block fits around the tow ball and consists of two parts which are bolted securely together – the first part contains the sockets which the bike rack arms fit into and the second part is a back plate so the two components sandwich around the tow ball. Both parts are moulded inside to the shape of a tow ball to give a perfectly sturdy, secure fit. Due to the way this fits around the ball you will be unable to tow when the mounting is in place.

2. Behind-the-ball Mounting

Will fit: Standard 2 bolt flange tow bars only.

Our universal mounting block fits securely between the tow ball and towing bracket of standard 2 bolt flange tow bars. Ideal for people wanting to tow while carrying their bikes. Please read individual rack descriptions, as not all racks are suitable for towing. When towing with a Pendle Bike Rack we advise that a maximum of two bikes are carried and that individuals check their towing set-up and turning circles with the rack and bikes fitted, before setting off on their journey.

Can I put my old Pendle Bike Rack's arms into the new universal mounting block?

Unfortunately not because the sockets between various historic blocks are different depths.

Please use our universal mounting block with our new style arms (which are all painted Pendle Orange).

I have an old rack that I purchased some years ago, can I still buy spare parts?

We offer a limited range of legacy spares for discontinued products, please check our Spares page for availability.

Does your Universal Mounting Block work with an ALKO hitch?

You will need an extended neck tow ball to use an ALKO hitch with our Universal Mounting Block.

We recommend speaking to your local towbar specialist about this.

My mounting block is not shown on your website, can I still buy one?

Unfortunately, previous iterations of our mounting blocks have been discontinued. Older racks are not suitable for use with our current universal mounting block.

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