Roof Rack

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Push Past Boundaries with the Pendle Roof Rack: Lightweight, versatile and strong


Stylish steel frame, roof bar fittings and fork mount holder provide uncompromising strength and stability. Our roof racks are built to last with many of our customers using Pendle products for decades. 

Fix your bike to the main body of your Roof Rack at a height that is comfortable to you - right on the floor or on a raised surface such as a workbench. From this point your bike is a rigid object - no more flapping handlebars to deal with! Our mounting point can cope with a range of wheel fixing types - select the one to suit your bike (spare/different types are available as spares). Secure the back wheel into the adjustable wheel tray and strap in place.

Simply lift the assembly onto your roof and engage the front bracket into the CNC machined holder. Slot the rear fin into the back holder and tighten up in two places. Front wheel in the boot and off you go!

Our versatile frames are designed to fit either 20mm wide T-Track or wrap-around traditional square bars. This makes it perfect for your bikes, vehicle, and needs. 

Quick and easy to assemble whilst maintaining a secure fit to the car, our easy-to-adjust rear wheel holder fits a wide selection of different wheelbases.

Tandem? No problem! Our new Tandem Rack works on the same principle, but is extended to cope with the larger wheelbase. 

You'll also be ready to go whenever adventure calls. Removing and loading your bike is quick and easy. Our roof racks are also adjustable allowing you to fit them to a comfortable height and account for the rigid assembly to your roof.

It's time to free your bike from the shed and take the road less travelled! 

Additional info:

  • Fits bikes up to 17.5kg in weight
  • Quick Release, 15mm boost and 15/20mm fork axle adaptors available
  • Fits wheelbases up to 1350mm.
  • Fits most tyre widths.