About Pendle Bike Racks

Your link to adventure.

We get it. You bought a bike with aspirations of better fitness, enhanced wellbeing or adrenaline-fueled adventure. But habits take time to form. Across the land, millions of bikes lay unused in garages, sheds and corridors.

Our mission is simple - we want to be your link to adventure, enabling you to unleash the potential stored up in you and your bikes!

Dust down your trusty road bike, wash off your muddy mountain bike, drag out the trike! It's time to ride with PBR.

Local feel. Global reach.

All of our products are designed, manufactured, tested and despatched at our home in Nelson, Lancashire, England. From here our bike racks and trailers push past all boundaries carrying your bikes safely wherever you may go. Our unique heritage along with our commitment to engineering makes Pendle your link to adventure. 


No Compromise since 1988.

PBR products are built to last. For decades we have designed and built robust bike racks, trailers, accessories and spares, designed to go anywhere in the world.

From our humble beginnings as Pendle Engineering, a small family run business founded in 1977, to introducing Pendle Bike Racks in 1988, we have grown from strength to strength into what you see today.


Strong - Simple - Safe

We pride ourselves on the values in which the business has been built upon. Those values are Strong - Simple - Safe.


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To reflect the strength of our business, and the roots which we have come from, we vow to use only the highest quality materials and procedures to ensure that you, our customers, have a product made to last.

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Our bike racks, trailers and storage solutions are intentionally designed to cut out the gimmicks and keep it SIMPLE. Our products are perfectly suited to experienced cyclists and beginners alike. No complicated instructions needed.

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With strength and simplicity in mind, we are constantly striving to ensure the safest products for our customers. Using high quality materials and the highest standards of manufacture to enable your bike racks, trailers and accessories to live the longest life possible.

Doing the right thing.

We believe in supporting our local community and reducing carbon emissions. For us that is ensuring that where possible, materials are locally sourced.