Case Study: Trike experience proves woof-ly for Sue!

Case Study: Trike experience proves woof-ly for Sue!

A double knee replacement left Sue with limited mobility, but she didn’t want her disability to limit her choices.

A Google search for options on ‘Cycling for disabled riders’ brought up Get Cycling CIC, a specialist provider of inclusive cycles who were able to advice on the options available to her.

Sue said: “My limited range of movement meant that I needed a special pendulum pedal, designed especially for people with limited knee joint flexibility.”



Sue started out with a manual trike, upgraded to an electric one and more recently upgraded again to a trike with bigger wheels, to ensure ultimate comfort and optimum mobility while out on rides.

But after building her trike riding confidence, Sue wanted to venture further afield with her trike and it was when she got her second trike that she decided to invest in a Pendle Bike Rack WT+ Trike Rack.

She said: “I was really happy that I was able to go on local rides with my husband and three dogs, but Hastings is a very hilly area, so you’re never far away from an incline!

“I wanted to be able to explore flatter routes further away from home and take my trike and my husband’s bike on holiday with us.

“Get Cycling suggested I consider getting a WT+ trike rack and I decided this was the perfect option for me.

“The rack fits on both our car and our motorhome and we have travelled as far as Wales and Nottingham so far with the trike and bike in tow.

“Pendle Bike Racks even adapted the rack for me after I upgraded my trike and the rack needed to accommodate its bigger wheels.”

Sue, her husband and three dogs can now often be seen enjoying the great UK outdoors and she is grateful to both Get Cycling and Pendle Bike Racks for their advice and support to date.

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