How to prepare your bike for Spring

How to prepare your bike for Spring

The arrival of Spring is cause for celebration for many cyclists. With the warmer weather and longer days comes the opportunity to dust off the bikes (or trikes) and get out into nature to experience the season's beauty. 


However, to ensure a safe and enjoyable Spring, it is important to correctly prepare your bike for the months ahead. In this blog, we share our top tips to ensure you hit the roads and trails safely and confidently.


Gather the Necessary Tools 

Before you prepare your bike for the Spring season, you should have all the tools you might need once you start pushing those pedals. 

A bicycle toolkit should include the following: 

  • A variety of spanners and screwdrivers, as well as a tyre pump. 
  • Cleaning supplies such as a scrubbing brush, degreaser, and a bucket to fill with soapy water.
  • Replacement parts such as brake pads, gear cables, and inner tubes if any components become worn or damaged. 

Once you have the necessary tools and supplies, you can prepare your bike for Spring. 


Clean and Inspect Your Bike

Even if you cleaned your bike before putting it away for the winter, it has likely gathered a layer of dust while in storage. 

To begin cleaning, you should thoroughly wipe the frame and moveable parts with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild detergent. Doing so removes the dirt, debris, and salt that can accumulate during the winter months and help to prevent corrosion and discolouration. 

After cleaning, inspect all components of the bike for wear and tear, paying particular attention to the tyres, brake pads, and chain. Check to see if the tyres are properly inflated and that the brake pads are still in good condition. 

It is essential to ensure the chain is lubricated and free from rust and that any damaged parts are replaced before your first venture outdoors. 


Make Necessary Cycle Repairs 

Among the more crucial repairs a bike will ever need is the repair of damaged tyres and inner tubes. Over time, tyres will become worn or cracked, which can lead to punctures. A puncture before a ride is inconvenient, but a puncture during a ride can be dangerous. 

Equally vital is to make any repairs to the brake pads. Brake pads should be checked frequently as they, too, become worn out over time, leading to a decrease in performance which can also be dangerous.

The derailleur is less a repair and more a component in need of double-checking. The derailleur is responsible for shifting the gears, and if not adjusted correctly, will make for difficult gear shifts and thus a frustrating cycling experience. 


Got a bike rack?

No matter how you use and where you take your rack, it’s safe to say that it accumulates dirt and grub. If it’s been hiding in the garage over the Winter months, now’s the time to get it out and give it a good wash and once over. Clean it like you would your bike, a quick rinse with hot water and soap, then a quick towel off. 

If you’ve had your rack for a few years, you might want to apply a small amount of oil to all contact points on the rack as a precaution against rust and corrosion. 

Finally, give it a trial run. Familiarising yourself with the process of attaching the rack to your vehicle will flag up any concerns and better now than just before heading off on a long ride, or worse still, a week’s holiday!


Your bike is good to go

Equipped with the knowledge and necessary tools to effectively prepare your bicycle for the Spring season, you can reap the benefits of a well-maintained ride. You can have peace of mind knowing that your bike is in optimal condition and ready to take on the roads or trails, whether you're a competitive cyclist or an occasional recreational rider. 

There is also something strangely satisfying in getting your bike ready for a new cycling season. From giving your bike a thorough inspection to cleaning and lubricating the components to adjusting the brakes and gears, taking ownership of the safety and reliability of your two-wheeled steed adds to the magic of being a true cyclist. 


If a bike/trike rack or trailer is on your bike essentials list for Spring, we’re here to help. We have options for all riders and would love to offer advice on the right solution for your needs. 

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