How to transport your ebike 

How to transport your eBike with an eBike rack

Electric cycling now represents one of the fastest growing segments in the transport market.

This year, it’s anticipated that there will be some 300 million electric bikes in circulation around the world.

And we fully appreciate why ebikes are so popular. They enable a swift commute in busy towns and cities, reducing the number of cars on the road, saving on expensive fuel costs, and lowering carbon emissions. They’re accessible to all ages and abilities and most importantly, they give you a welcome power boost on those lung-busting hill climbs! However you look at it, they make you feel good!

As we all know, ebikes don’t come cheap, so if you have one, you really want to maximise its usage.

And to do that, you may wish to venture further than your own front door.

In our latest blog we offer tips on how to transport your ebike safely and with ease with an ebike rack.

Handle with care and attention

Ebikes are expensive pieces of technical kit which need to be handled with care and attention if you want to avoid costly scrapes or breakages. 

They’re also much heavier than their traditional bike counterparts, so it’s important to bear this in mind when considering how you might load yours on or off your vehicle. 

Consider whether your ebike may be too cumbersome for you to lift on to a roof-mounted rack without assistance or too awkward to manoeuvre into a tricky boot space. 

Ebikes may be robust, but it’s not worth the risk of dropping it, especially if there’s a chance it could fall your way!

Our ErgoRack offers the perfect roof-mounted solution for your ebike transport needs. Its stylish steel frame, roof bar fitting and fork mount holder provide uncompromising strength and stability for your ebike and it is very easy to load.

Travelling by car with an electric bike

Large SUV vehicles may well have sufficient boot space to fit an electric bike; others may be able to accommodate a bike with the back seats down.

However, this is not always a straightforward option.

It may be that you have to remove some parts of your bike, such as tyres or handlebars. You may need the boot space for camping equipment or your trusted dogs and the back seats for family members or friends. You may not wish to load a muddy bike into your car, and, of course, you may well have more than one bike you need to transport. 

For all these reasons and more, an external rack solution or cycle carrier may be your preferred choice.

Roof and towbar mounted racks

Roof mounted and towbar bike racks are two practical options when it comes to transporting ebikes and we offer a variety of solutions which can carry up to weights of 70kg. We also have cycle trailer options able to carry weights up to 300kg.

It is vital that the rack you choose meets the weight specification of your ebike/s, so make sure you do your homework before making your purchase and if in doubt, ask the experts.

We design and manufacture our extra strong, all-steel racks here in our Lancashire factory, so you can trust us to keep your bikes safe and secure in transit.

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