Hybrid Commuting Hacks for Ultimate Freedom

Hybrid Commuting Hacks for Ultimate Freedom | PBR

First, we were stuck at our desks 9-5…. then lockdown came and we were stuck in our homes 24/7.  But then many of us got more freedom to choose where we work and how we get there - as employers spotted the health and productivity benefits of hybrid working.

The opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors during the pandemic sparked a boom in people taking up cycling for exercise and the all-important feel-good factor and now, thanks to bike racks and companies investing in bike storage solutions for employees, we are now seeing a rise in the hybrid commute!   

Recently, the cost-of-living crisis has meant that pockets have been fuller too for those choosing pedal power over filling up at the pumps and savvy workers with the longer commute are now getting the best of both worlds by driving half way and cycling the rest.

From an environmental perspective, cycling is also a step in the right direction in reducing traffic on the roads and provides an alternative to the dreaded ‘long commute’.  To help you get the best of this new, flexible way of working and commuting, here are our top tips on making it work for you!

Hybrid Commuting Habit Hacks

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds - Parking a few miles away from the office with a bike racked on your vehicle means that you can hop in the saddle to avoid chugging the last few miles in traffic and get steadily fitter each day.
  • Bosses in the know – Savvy employers are providing safe bike storage, showers and changing rooms and flexible start and finish times to accommodate hybrid commuting. It’s becoming a must-have requirement when attracting new talent.  Make sure you have a word with HR!
  • Weather-proofing - Having the correct weather gear isn’t as onerous as it might sound. You can comfortably commute in your work clothes in all but the worst weather, just adjust your pace and plan your journey time so you don’t sweat. Alternatively, keep a change of clothes in the office that offers bathroom facilities.
  • Open to everyone – The popularity of trikes and e-bikes means that ability, age and fitness levels are no barrier for people using them to get to their chosen workspace. Take time to choose the right bike that suits you and your lifestyle.
  • Build confidence - Anyone looking to commute to work by bike should take the time to test their route when roads are quieter to ensure they can easily get from their home to their workplace without having to worry. Getting used to the roads and environment will give you more confidence on the more challenging congested streets.

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