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Pendle Bike Racks Make Cycling Accessible for All with Trike Racks

Cycling is a popular pastime that many Brits enjoy for relaxation, exercise, and socialising. However, cycling can be tricky for people who are uncertain on two wheels, especially if you have limited mobility or lack the confidence to take on a road or mountain bike. This is where trikes shine.

Trikes have three wheels and are lower to the ground than regular bicycles giving cyclists a sturdier base and easier ride height. The additional frame also means you can pack extra storage on your trike and take on the hills and dales confidently. 

At Pendle Bikes, we’ve seen the sales of trike racks increase by a third on last year’s numbers showing how popular cycling is becoming with ‘born again cyclists’. As keen cyclists ourselves, we’re so very chuffed to see more people get involved with this hobby and are committed to providing customers with robust bike racks and trailers designed to fit your vehicle.

Pendle trike rack from the back

Born Again Cyclists

So who are ‘born again cyclists’? This community of riders are people like senior citizens who want to get out and enjoy cycling but struggle with regular bicycles.

“Trikes give more confidence to people who may have steered away from cycling on two wheels for many years – perhaps even for decades. We’re receiving enquiries from people from all walks of life, from recovering stroke victims to mature cyclists who want to revisit the freedoms of their youth and explore the beautiful British countryside with their families.”

Pendle trike rack

A Bright Future for Cycling

Our MD, Chris Smith, is pleased to see that even as we slowly come out of lockdown people are continuing to enjoy cycling with friends and family and goes on to say;

“We’re delighted that Britain’s love affair with cycling is showing no signs of slowing after lockdown. Whatever their age or existing medical conditions, it’s heart-warming to see our customers reaping the physical and mental health benefits that cycling offers."

“We were ahead of the curve in predicting an increase in trike popularity and we’re now the go-to brand for racks and trailers of this type in the UK. Our friendly team is well-placed to advise on the best products and we also offer demonstration videos to show how easy our trike racks are to load.”

If you're interested in finding out more about our trike and bike racks then please contact us today. We'll help you find the perfect bike rack to take on your adventures.

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