Pendle Bike Racks - Supporting Front Line Workers with the BLC

Pendle Bike Racks - Supporting Front Line Workers with the BLC

The Blue Light Card is a great initiative that supports our front line workers by providing them with discounts on purchases online and in-store. These discounts are a small way to say thank you to our NHS workers, police force, rescue, A&E, and military personnel. These workers are incredibly selfless, putting their lives on the line to protect our communities. To qualify all you need to do is apply with your Emergency services, NHS or Military group accreditations.

Doing our bit to help

At Pendle Bike Racks, we wanted to do what we could to say thank you to all the people who have put in a shift supporting communities through the COVID pandemic. Along with the long hours and difficult work, we were shocked to learn about the number of thieves stealing NHS workers’ bicycles. 

Our very own Chris Smith, managing director of Pendle Bike Racks has championed the support for our key workers saying

“Heartless thieves have been capitalising on the fact that shift-work means NHS workers’ bikes are left unattended for long periods of time. It’s awful that these people are giving so much to society and yet are being robbed of their transport to and from work.

Cycling is such a healthy way to commute and obviously, exercise has stress-relieving benefits. Forcing these amazing people to drive or take public transport and forgo the benefits of exercise is appalling.”

For many, cycling is not just a hobby but a means of transport and exercise. Cycling helps people save money, reduce congestion on roads, and reduce their carbon emissions, not to mention the health benefits.

To help promote cycling and support front line workers, our BLC discount scheme gives all members a 7% discount on our bike rack range and storage equipment.

How Pendle can help you

Pendle bike racks and storage solutions make transporting and storing bikes easy. Our range of rear-mounted, roof-mounted, trailers and home bike storage are built to last, providing you with robust bike support for years to come. Building on our success as a local manufacturer, we are committed to not only supporting our local communities but employing and working with local suppliers. This commitment to celebrating British products and design has allowed us to create robust, steel bike storage that weather all storms, protecting your bike vehicle on the open road.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our products then please visit our store where you’ll find in-depth information and competitive prices. If you’d like to find out more about our BLC scheme or just want some support choosing the right bike rack then our friendly sales team is on hand to answer all your questions.

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