The benefits of a proper trike rack

The benefits of a proper trike rack

A trike rack is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who owns a trike. There are multiple benefits from investing in a proper trike rack for your car and in this latest blog we explore these advantages.


Maintain the value of your trike (and even add to it)

It’s likely you’ve invested a decent chunk of money into your trike and, as with any significant purchase, protecting the value of your asset is paramount.

An expertly designed and manufactured car trike rack is one of the most crucial investments you can make if the integrity of your trike is important to you.

A trike car rack with a maximum total load of 70kg and with an extra strong design caters for the safe movement and maximum protection of almost any trike while it is being transported. 

When a rack is made with this type of extra strong design and is easy to manoeuvre, you can arrive at your destination safely, knowing that your tricycle or bike has been unharmed by the journey.

When fitting a trike rack to your car, not only will secure transportation keep your trike in optimal condition, but it will also make it harder for would-be thieves to take it when you stop to refuel, take a break, or otherwise leave your car or cars parked up.

Plus, in the event that you decide to sell your trike, offering it with a high-quality trike rack also means you can command a higher asking price.


Add a new dimension to holidays

If a holiday in Great Britain or beyond is set to take you to places where your trike can be used, a rack means easy transportation without the need to undertake arduous dismantling and reassembly exercises. 

Whatever its frame shape, you need only connect the rack to your car and secure your trike to the rack and then, and off you go. Moreover, trike racks are available to buy online that can carry both a trike and a bike, or just a trike on its own. 

Whether to add a new dimension to a holiday or simply to use your trike somewhere new, a trike rack means you can easily access many of Britain’s cycleways and enjoy a diversity of open roads.


Experience real freedom

People invest in trikes for all kinds of reasons - to improve fitness, boost well-being, or engage in new adventures. Whatever the reason, at the heart of it all, is freedom. The freedom to mount your trike and power those three tyres to wherever your curiosity takes you. Whether it’s an upright trike, or a recumbent trike there will be a suitable trike rack for you.

With a robust and agile trike rack at the rear of your car, it’s not just your immediate vicinity that’s opened to you; it’s the whole of Great Britain…and beyond!

If you’re a campervan owner, we must warn you that attaching a trike rack can lead to excessive "bouncing" in the support poles. This is due to the mechanics of a larger rear overhang of the cycle carrier (e.g. the distance from the rear wheel to the rear of the vehicle). In this situation, we would recommend using a strap back kit to limit the bounce.

Pendle Bike Rack’s modular design with strap-back kit and support poles made from high-tensile steel does the job. There’ll still be some level of bounce, but you can rest assured your trike will remain securely held in place.

For even greater dependability, a universal mounting block and suitable bike rack wheel support straps secure both towbar rack and trike to almost any vehicle. 

Though component parts like straps and loops, which offer extra when support, are typically sold separately, a universal mounting block should come as standard with any reputable supplier.


Shop for trike racks online at PBR

If you’re looking to buy a trike rack to take your adventures further, have a look at Pendle Bike Rack’s WT Trike Racks and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to talk through your options.

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