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The evolution of our all new mounting block

Our journey began in 1988, with the original universal mounting block.  From then we have continued to evolve.  Pendle Bike Racks has always strived to create the best quality products for you, our customers.

This includes making sure the that our racks and trailers are lawful and safe on the roads so that we can produce the most advanced and reliable bike transportation products.

Leaving the EU changed rules and regulations that previously had controlled gaining Type approval.  This certificate of confirmation guarantees that towbars meet the specified performance standards.  Our original universal mounting block has complied with these standards since 1997.


mounting block

The Type Approval adjusted its requirements to limit the size of spacer allowed.

This meant that our original mounting block became unsuitable, as it was too thick and exceeded the 20mm limit.

 We adapted our designs and the On the Ball and the Behind the Ball Mounting blocks were made to accommodate the new requirements of the Type Approval.


mounting block


mounting block


We created a mount designed to fit on the ball of the towbar and a mount to fit behind the ball of the tow bar. This meant we had a mounting block for each different towbar.  The On the Ball was smaller so it could take up minimal space, following the requirements and allowing for a sturdy and secure fit. The Behind the Ball was wider and thinner to fit perfectly between the ball and the towing bracket.  This meant that with the different widths of the blocks, racks were not interchangeable between the two.


To fix this issue we re-designed out offering to maximise convenience for our customers when changing cars/towbars.

We designed the Universal mounting block you see today which we are extremely proud of.  Similar to the original, it is capable of fitting every tow bar and every rack that we make – and the new anodized orange and grey branding gives a real style boost!

Our 2021 range still follows the rules and regulations, yet also provides more flexibility to our customers.  View our exciting new range here: Universal Mounting Block | Pendle Bike Racks: high quality cycle carriers made in the UK (





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