Transporting your bikes safely for a summer of cycling

Transporting your bikes safely this summer

Avid cyclists know that few thrills compare to riding across the roads and scenic spots surrounding their local area. Among those thrills that do compare is riding across the roads and scenic spots of whole new places. 

And summer is the perfect time to get out exploring!

Cycling holidays have long been an alluring prospect for serious cyclists and families alike. In our latest blog, we share our insights on how you can ensure your summer cycling holiday is one to remember, whether it’s an adult-only holiday or a trip with little ones in tow. 


Preparing For Your Cycling Holiday 

Preparations for a cycling holiday need extra thought when children are involved. Their age and physical ability must be factored into decisions, or you risk choosing locations and trails that put them off cycling forever.

Here, reading family cycle trip reviews is essential. Look at what people say about the areas you’re considering. A cycling holiday with toddlers is quite different from a trip with fit teenagers who’ve been cycling for years.

Alternatively, if you’re organising your trip through a family cycling holiday provider, ask about the range of available routes and shortcuts should children find a trail too demanding. 

Terrain is also an important consideration when planning a trip with children. Babies and toddlers start to feel heavy if you’re towing them any kind of distance, so avoid hilly destinations. Even if you’re with children who can ride independently, too many inclines will result in moans and groans that can take the shine off the experience. 

Although athletic teenagers will cope better with undulating terrain, it’s still advisable to go for more passable locations. There are some great cycling trails along the Alps, but maybe don’t take any child 13 or below. 


Cycling Holiday Destinations 

Suppose it's a staycation you're planning. In that case, the UK is packed with destinations that offer traffic-free riding across off-road trails and disused railway lines. Of the endless places to choose from, the Isle of Wight, Peak District, Lake District, Cornwall, and Devon are all famed for their abundance of great family-friendly cycle routes.

Should you seek overseas horizons, France is practically made for cycling, hence the Tour de France. 

The Ile de Ré, a picturesque island off the west coast of France, is a wildly popular destination with cyclists as it’s crisscrossed by over 100 km of flat bike paths. Rides will take you past quaint villages, sandy beaches, and an array of restaurants and shops.

France also boasts the ‘voie vertes’ (green ways) and Eurovelo routes. The Loire - a classic family-friendly cycling route – offers a trail that takes you from Tours to Amboise, then Amboise to Azay-sur-Cher and then back to Tours. The route passes the iconic Loire River, the Indre, the Cher and the Vienne, and is a magnificent introduction to family cycling.


Considerations For A Family Bike Trip

Especially if you’re visiting somewhere new, the temptation to cover lots of ground can be strong. Here, a sense of realism is needed. Plan routes that allow for plenty of breaks and, ideally, are close to child-friendly activities to break up the day.

Access to amenities is vital for any planned routes, particularly where children are involved. Hungry or thirsty minors do not make for a pleasant ride, so consider whether a village or town with plenty of services will make for a more convenient riding destination than the middle of the countryside. 

Whatever route you plan, share it with everyone who’ll be taking part, including any children. Preparing fellow travellers for the amount of riding involved will prevent arguments from brewing once the pedalling starts. 


Taking Your Bike On Holiday

You effectively have two cycling holiday options: hire bikes when you reach your destination or bring your own. 

If you plan to hire, be aware that children’s bikes can be harder to source. Many families prefer to take their own to avoid difficulties in getting hold of suitable bikes. Moreover, the logistics involved in hiring a bike for what might only be a day or two of riding can be prohibitive.

By bringing your own bikes, the only real logistical challenge is transporting them. However, by investing in a bike rack that’s been fabricated to the highest standards, you have an asset that will last a lifetime and can be purchased to accommodate various permutations of bikes and trikes. 

Pendle Bike Racks has options to meet all holiday needs, from the single and tandem ergorack roof racks, the W1 to W4 and Hang on rear mounted alternatives which can take up to 4 bikes and, of course, the family bike trailer for bigger cycling groups.


Pendle Bike Racks 

Wherever you're thinking of heading for a summer cycling getaway, Pendle Bike Racks stands ready to equip you with an asset made to such high standards that we offer a lifetime guarantee to the original owner. 

To learn more, contact us any time. 


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