Hang On Towbar Rack

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Take on the World with the Pendle Hang On Rack

Our timeless steel-framed racks offer unparalleled strength and durability. We have spent decades designing, using, and developing bike racks.  Our products are made to last for decades and be your link to adventure, no matter where you go. 

Simple and dependable, the Hang On style rack fixes securely to your tow bar via our universal mounting block. All you need to do is insert your choice of arms into the block, lock into place with our security plate and hang up to four bikes by their frames before securing with Pendle Straps. Connect up your LED Light Unit and away you go!

With this simple system, you'll be ready to take on the great outdoors whenever adventure calls. Removing and loading your bike is quick and easy. 

Our racks fit a wide variety of vehicles. All styles come with the same mounting block and light unit included. 

Free your bikes with Pendle!

Which Variant is for me?

Step 1: Select the offset based on your vehicle

  • For most vehicles, the zero-offset H4 is the choice for you.

  • If your vehicle has a flat back (for example a van or a Land Rover Discovery), go for the 150mm offset HD model.

  • If you carry a spare wheel on the back of your vehicle (for example a Land Rover Defender), pick the 250mm offset HL.

Step 2: Do you wish to tow a trailer or caravan when your rack is loaded?

  • Choose our height extensions (sold separately). The extra height gives you additional clearance when cornering. You can use the extensions with two of our offset options - Standard H4 and 150mm HD
Technical Information

Capacity: 2 - 4 

Load Weight: 60kg Total

Rack Weight: 8kg (H4), 8.5kg (HD), 9kg (HL)

Universal Mounting Block: Included

Light Unit: Included

Securing Straps: Included

Make sure the nose weight of your tow bar is enough to support the combined weight of your bikes and the rack.

These racks can't be used whilst towing a trailer or caravan. Please check out our height extenders if you need to clear a draw bar.

The maximum weight which the arms can carry is 60kg. This can be distributed between each of the bikes. For example, 2 x 30kg bikes can be carried, or 1 x 30kg and 2 x 15kg bikes can be carried together, and so on. They can carry up to a maximum of 4 bikes although 3 bikes may be the maximum for bikes of a heavier weight.


Standard UK delivery for our Hang On range is FREE!