Hang On Bike Rack

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Our timeless steel-framed racks offer unparalleled strength and durability. We have spent decades designing, using, and developing bike racks.  Our products are made to last for decades and be your link to adventure, no matter where you go. 

Simple and dependable, the Hang On style rack fixes securely to your towbar via our Universal Mounting Block. All you need to do is insert the arms into the mounting block, tighten the aluminium fixing caps and bolt the included Security Plate into place. Strap your bikes securely onto the arms, plug in the included Universal Light Unit and away you go!

With this simple system, you'll be ready to take on the great outdoors whenever adventure calls. Removing and loading your bikes is quick and easy. 

Pendle Bike Racks - Strong. Simple. Safe.

Product Benefits

Simple two-arm design for rapid deployment of rack onto your car.

Universal Mounting Block, Universal Light Unit and Straps all included.

The soft-sleeved arms protect your bike paintwork.

Which Variant is for me?

The only difference between the three variants is the amount of offset away from the rear of your vehicle. 

H4: Suitable for most cars. Zero horizontal offset from the Universal Mounting Block.

HD: Suitable for ‘flat back’ vehicles such as Vans, Campers and vehicles with pronounced rear bumpers. 150mm (6") offset from the Universal Mounting Block.

HL: Suitable for vehicles fitted with a spare wheel on the rear e.g. Land Rover Defender. 250mm (10") offset from the Universal Mounting Block.

See diagram in the images for a visual guide to the offset options

Need to tow a trailer or caravan when your rack is loaded?

Our Height Extenders are compatible with H4 and HD arms. The extenders provide additional clearance to reduce the risk of fouling when towing a trailer or caravan. Sold separately.

Technical Information

Capacity: Up to 4 bikes
Maximum Rack Load: 60kg
Unloaded Rack Weight: 8kg (H4), 8.5kg (HD), 9kg (HL)

Make sure the nose weight of your tow bar is enough to support the combined weight of your bikes and the rack.

Be sure to check the total load weight before each journey. For example, 2 x 30kg bikes can be carried, or 1 x 30kg and 2 x 15kg bikes, and so on. 

Fabricated from high tensile steel.

Powder coated in textured Pendle Orange.

Box contents:

Hang On Bike Rack x 1

Universal Mounting Block x 1

Universal Light Unit x 1

Strap Kit x 1

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