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Our high-strength straps fasten your bikes safely and securely to our all-steel bike racks. Strap kits come in various combinations to suit your PBR product.

We offer 0.5m, 1.5m and 3.0m five-strap kits as well as bespoke strap kits for Hang On, Wheel Support and Strap Back systems. Invest in our durable, long-lasting straps today and you'll rest easy knowing you can take your bike anywhere, anytime. 

Pendle Bike Racks - Strong. Simple. Safe.

Product Benefits

The W4 strap kit consists of twelve 0.5m straps.

The H4 strap kit consists of two 1.5m straps and one 3.0m strap.

The Strap Back kit consists of two 3.0m straps and two plastic coated gutter hooks. Use this kit to reduce the amount of bounce experienced with a fully loaded HL, W4 or WT+ rack.

Technical Information

Constructed in durable Polyethylene Terephalate webbing.

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